Digestate Spreading

Our Methods

The first system we have is using a 4500 Gallon (20.5 cm3) state of the art Joskin slurry tanker. The tanker is pulled by a case Puma 240 cvx which with the vario box helps with the accurate application of the customers needs.
The tanker is on low ground pressure tyres to limit the amount of compaction on crops and ground. The application is worked out by the tanker on an isobus system where you input the rate and the tanker will tell the operator what speed to set the tractor, so the required application is correct.
On the back of the taker there is a 4 point linkage where we run a Tramspread 12 metre  dribble bar.
Using this boom with the Trimble auto steer system we have in the tractor this method of spreading digestate works well when accuracy is key for the customer to giving increased yield and makes spreading efficient and effectively as possible from a contractors perspective.

Tramspread Contractors Pack

The second method we use is a Tramspread contractors pack – Umbilical system with a 24 metre dribble bar. This system can be used as a single man outfit or as a team of two. We can use this system spreading on standing arable crops with the use of a bull horn mounted to the second tractor which guides the pipe in a way that the tractor on the boom can follow the tramlines in the field to minimise crop damage.
This system can be set up to be used to pull from a lagoon or with this system we also have a large AW trailers nurse tank which tractors and lorries transport digestate to and the tractor and booms can spread from there directly in the field.