BioChipper © BioG UK Ltd & BioG GmbH 2010 BioChipper The benefit of the BioChipper is that it allows a low cost feedstock to be  collected from the field without soil contamination as it does not touch the  floor. By mulching the straw and swathing prior to collection allows the AD plant to overcome the high lignin properties of the straw. BioG Austria currently have an AD plant fed on 20% straw from crop  residues so further increasing efficiency and sustainability. Launched in the UK at the Cereals 2013 show the BioChipper has been  designed and manufactured by our colleagues at BioG GmbH to help  maximise the potential of straw as a feedstock for Anaerobic Digestion. The result of 2 years of R&D the BioChipper’s purpose is to collect,  process and swath straw products from agricultural processes to be  utilised as a feedstock to AD plants. The BioChipper has a series of  mulching hammers to pre-process straws such as oilseed rape, bean  and grain maize straw.