© BioG UK Ltd & BioG GmbH 2010 Technical Components Originating from European development, BioG GmbH have continuous improved specifications of individual components to increase durability, quality and  efficiency. Every component has a history of development and reasoning behind it, afterall BioG own and operate their own AD plant for over 8 years so  significant operating knowledge has been achieved.   http://www.biog-biogas.at/en/produkte/ A range of products include: Feeding systems.  Containersed separator units.  Digestate overflow system. Central pump station.  Gas safety and pipework. Gas condensate shaft. Radiators and agitators.  As BioG GmbH and BioG UK employ specialist  engineers, CAD designers, fabricators,  biologists and software designers we can not  only advise but build you the solution that is  most suited to your needs. Further products can  be found on: