© BioG UK Ltd & BioG GmbH 2010 Lindner Limator Impact Crusher The principle of any shredder working with an AD plant is  to decrease the partical sizes for the feedstock which  creates a more even and longer gas curve. With  increasing competition for both waste and agricultural  feedstock ensuring you maximise the gas yield is vital for  the long term success of any AD plant. For more information on how this could benefit your AD  plant then please contact us on:  info@biog-uk.co.uk   and for direct sales or service: Sales@machtechservices.com  Building on our range of energy  saving and efficiency generating AD plant components we are  now working with Mach-Tech  Services to bring the Lindner  Limator impact crusher to the  UK AD market.  Working with our Austrian  colleauges at Lindner and BioG  GmbH we can prove the value  of a Limator when added to the  pre-feeding process of an AD  Plant  The Lindner Limator  strictly speaking smashes  rather than shreds using a  paddle system. The  material is “sling shot”  against each other and the  Hardox wall of the Limator.  The simple concept  machine not only  increases reliability but  also significantly  decreases the cost of  operation.  Click the picture to watch the Limator in action!