© BioG UK Ltd & BioG GmbH 2010 BioG Austria The BioG Austria team are based in Utzenaich, Austria and offer technical and biological support  to the customer while designing a tailor made solution for the site. Having the same core beliefs as  BioG UK, BioG Austria offer the experience for a user friendly, long term, profitable solution for  every client. BioG Austria provides a range of technical expertise from engineers to biologists. Working closely  with BioG UK Ltd the client can be reassured that all technical questions can be answered while  providing a friendly relationship during each stage from early planning and feasibility studies  through to commissioning and operation of the AD plant.  BioG UK can provide tailor made design packages or modifications in order to increase efficiency  with the team at BioG Austria. Ensuring every aspect of the AD plant is looked at, BioG GmbH has  experience in operating some of the most efficient plants in Europe.  The BioG team now totals over 40 people with further specialists brought in during planning and  construction stages. Due to the large amount of technical components being manufactured, BioG  always have a rolling stock of parts. During the development stages for any project the client and the BioG teams will factor in every daily  operational task and discuss with the client the long term plans of the site to ensure maximum  efficiency is achieved throughout the project life.