© BioG UK Ltd & BioG GmbH 2010 Available in the UK exclusively through  BioG UK the Biofeeder feedhopper is a  proven asset for any biogas plant.   Designed and built in Austria the BioG  BioFeeder is specifically built for  biogas plants. Combining extremely  low power usage and anti corrosion  properties make is an ideal feeding  system for all biogas plants.     Combining extremely low power usage and anti corrosion properties make  is an ideal feeding system for all biogas plants. The walking floor design  can handle a wide range of materials and feedstocks. BioFeeder Further extras can be  specified with the  BioFeeder including  the Lindner Limator  Impact Crusher to  further process  feedstocks. Custom  paint colours are also  available if you want  something different. The walking floor design can  handle a wide range of materials  and feedstocks. Available in a  range of sizes from 30m3 to  150m3 the BioFeeder can be  tailored to any site. Other options  also include a composite plastic or  stainless steel BioFeeder.   Please contact BioG UK directly to discuss your feedhopper requirements  and for further information. Manufactured along with other technical components by BioG and  distributed around the world.