© BioG UK Ltd & BioG GmbH 2010 Contract Farming BioG UK Ltd have the  unique opportunity and  alternative solution to  landowners and farmers  who would like to  diversify or increaese  profit margins within their  rotation. The landowner  can benefit from AD as a  renewable energy  technology without  capital outlay. contacts and “know how” to create the perfect package. Growing energy crops efficiently  for AD plants is not like growing  ordinary forage maize or silage for  dairy cows. BioG UK Ltd have the  experience in delivering both  types, efficiently while maintaining  maximum quality.  Utilising the most efficient and  custom built machinery purely or  biogas energy crop production,  BioG UK Ltd not only provide that  harvest security but ensure  maximum gas yeild potential is  achieved for every acre. Should you look to diversify,  want a break crop or increase  stability within your farming  rotation then contact BioG UK  Ltd find out the financial  benefits of Energy Crop  Contract Farming.   BioG UK Ltd, providing THE  link for the most efficient  technology, farming and  investment.