The BioG GmbH team offer  technical and biological support  to the customer while  designing specialist technical  components to increase  efficiency of AD plants. Range of services covers new  builds to retrofitting existing AD  plants to maximise efficiency. Welcome © BioG UK Ltd & BioG GmbH 2010 Welcome to the website of BioG UK, a company built from agricultural roots which specialise in all things Anaerobic  Digestion. Joining together with a number of other companies BioG UK provide a range of services in the industry. The following pages will guide you through the services provided. Lindner Limator Impact  Crusher for maximise biogas  from your feedstocks and AD  plants. BioG UK work together  with Mach-Tech Services with  the organics products to  distribute this great product  across the UK BioG UK service and support is  the latest division to the  company. Providing technical  support to relief operators,  BioG UK are well placed to  provide that true “hands on”  service to paperwork  assistance to individual sites.  The agricultural contracting  side of BioG UK is where the  business began. Partnering  with other contractors a service specialised to AD plants and  energy crop contractnig can be  provided. Our in house  agronomists can provide a  “field to gas” service to assist in rotational choices as well.